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Englisch lernen mit Sunlight Kids Yoga! Die beliebtesten Bewegungslieder, Reime und Karten für deine Kinderyogastunden in englischer Sprache!

YOGA HITS FOR KIDS - ENGLISH MOVEMENT MUSIC FOR KIDSYOGA (english) Online Download inkl. Song- und Textbook passend zur Musík


Höre, Singe und bewege dich zu den Yoga Hits für Kids in englischer Sprache!


1. Shanti Song

2. Om Ganesha

3. Shiva Shambo

4. Hari Om Namasté

5. So Ham - I Am

6. Sun Salutation with Surya Mantras

7. The Little Bear's Spring Salutation

8. Yoga ABC RAP

9. Happy Horror Mudra RAP

10. Breathing Song 

11. Who Wants To See Wild Animals?

12. The Birds Want To Do Yoga Training

13. My Boat Dances Over The Waves

14. Moon Salutation for Kids

15. Ami Tomake

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Höre hier das Medley der englischen HITS FOR KIDS:

Anna Nittmann hat ihre Stimme den englischen Movement Songs und Rhymes geschenkt! Mehr Musik von der professionellen Mantren-Sängerin aus Brandenburg auf:


Online-Download: 150 Bildkarten mit den schönsten Asanas für Mädchen und Jungen


Endlich, das Sunlight Kids XXL Kinderyoga-Kartenset in englischer Sprache mit Spielanleitung zum Ausdrucken! Die zahlreichen Kartenmotive (150!!!), die abgebildeten Variationen und die unendlichen Kombinationen der Asanas erfüllen das kreative Bedürfnis der Kinder nach Bewegung! Das ganz individuelle Ausmalen der Karten hilft beim Verinnerlichen der Yogapositionen.


Es handelt sich um die englische Version des Sunlight Kids Yoga Kartensets. 


Nach der Bestellung wird das Kartenset zum ausdrucken in DIN A 4 oder DIN A 5 innerhalb von 24h zum Download an die angegebene E-Mail Adresse geschickt. 

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SPARSET: ONLINE DOWNLOAD ENGLISCH: Yoga Hits for Kids + 10 Anleitungsvideos, 150teiliges Kartenset, Strong Back Videos + Ausmalbilder mit Beschreibungen auf Englisch


Nach der Bestellung werden das 150teilige Kartenset mit englischen Untertiteln, die Strong Back Ausmalbilder mit englischen Beschreibungen,die Yoga Hits for Kids  (engl..) + Anleitungsvideos innerhalb von 24h zum Download an die angegebene E-Mail Adresse geschickt. 

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English Movement Rhymes:

Healthy Back


To keep your back healthy and strong, you must move, just come along,

move it left and right in circles, you’re nimble, you are not a turtle,

your heart blossom grows towards the sun – Yoga can be so much fun!

Rotate your shoulders while the magic transforms your shape,

oh please don’t panic! You are a Yoga animal, standing on four feet – that’s swell.

Look at the mirror in your hand, raise your feet,

just one by one as if you tried to touch the sun,

Now be a tiger, sneak around, wag your tail and roar out loud!

Let’s play monkey, swing your arms, jump around, make no alarm,

bounce like a goalie, catch the ball, from left, from right, don’t let it fall!

Can you be an elephant, strong but also elegant?

Raise your trunk and raise your tail, dance around,

you will not fail, now ride your bicycle with grace, elephants love the ballet,

and sometimes they even ride on a surfboard with delight,

Yoga helps the elephant to stand as tall as he can stand,

like a rocket when it starts and he can also train the arts of dancing like lord Shiva did

Yoga keeps him really fit!

A Jungle Sun Salutation


The sun is rising in the east,

the monkeys climb up the palm trees

and brush their cosy fur all over,

brush their teeth with mint and clover

before they swing from tree to tree

to the pond where they will meet

their best friend,

the elephant who with his long and mighty trunk

drinks in some water just to shower

the monkeys almost half an hour.

Then his bicycle he mounts

and happily cycles all around

the pond to greet, gracefully dancing

the merry crocodile who’s surfing

on the water, twisting turning,

before it starts to swim and chatter its teeth

– it doesn’t like the weather.

It greets the elephant and yawns.

The tiger stretches his four paws

before he joins the elefant for a walk around the pond.

A frog leaps up to greet the sun

– The jungle day has just begun.

A Journey to Yoga Land


We dust our carpet with delight,

this carpet takes us on a ride around the world to Yogaland

– listen and you’ll understand:

Over hills and over valleys, to the left and to the right

– nothing but desert far and wide!

As we fly over the dunes

We sing a happy little tune,

the camels join in and they grumble,

they are beautiful and humble.

Can you see the city there?

A sweet fragrance fills the air,

the market with its many stalls

becons us to land and halt,

to buy refreshments and some fruit

– can you hear the charmer’s flute?

Yes, India is the Yogaland,

magic is right close at hand:

See the serpent wind and move

to the serpent charmer’s tune,

hear her hiss and hiss along

to the serpent’s mystic song!

Elephants parade the streets,

fittet out like for a feast,

we’re happy to see them again,

they are our best-loved friends.

In Yogaland, all cows are holy,

which is clear to every Yogi,

so we inhale and take a bow

to greet the gentle holy cows.

If you practice your asanas

and follow your inner sadhana

every week and every day

Yogaland’s not far away.

A pirate’s treasure


There’s a pirate on the deck

With a plumed hat and a wooden leg,

he loves the stormy, salty breeze –

it gives him strength and inner peace.

On his shoulder sits a parrot,

its beak is orange like a carrot.

The parrot gives him much self trust

so he can climb the highest mast.

The pirate has a telescope

it gives him clear view, gives him hope

to steer his ship on the right course

to an island full of treasures,

lovely fruit and other pleasures.

To the left and to the right

sways the big ship with the tide,

seagulls circle round the rigging,

the pirates look forward to digging

for gold and jewels in the sand,

but first the pirates have to land

on the fair island, so they row

their little boat towards the shore.

Dolphins wave as they swim by,

whales spray water, wink an eye

at the pirates on the beach

who relax and also see

that having friends and great adventures

is the greatest of all treasures.


Morning in the Yoga Forest


The trees in the Yoga forest awake

By a beautiful silvery lake,

the sun arises in the sky

and warms the forest with her light.

The green frogs open their big eyes

and leap around to catch some flies.

The cat stretches her furry paws,

shows her sharp and shiny claws,

wags her tail up and down

and gently yawns „Meow, meow“

The wolf sneaks slowly through the firs,

the rabbit pops up its long ears,

unicorns give you energy

to fly high above the trees,

like a rocket to the stars

and land again, safe and unharmed.

Giraffes can reach the highest leaves,

they stretch their necks and stretch their knees,

while the camel softly grumbles –

camels never care for troubles!

The eagle owl looks through its glasses

as the morning quickly passes,

a happy day now lies ahead

– time to get out of your bed!


Rhymes: Franziska Feist & Claudia Rühle, Camera: Roman Pernack, Reinhard Simon, Voice: Anna Nittmann

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